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  • We host the page on our server. So, you don't even need to have a website.
  • The feedback page is Mobile Responsive so they look good on any device.
  • The page will be Branded to your business. Your logo,and contact information will make it easy for prospects reading the reviews to call you.
  • One webpage has a form that receives the customer's Star-rating and their comments.
  • A second page displays all reviews that have already been left by other customers. Your contact information will be on this page so prospects can call you.
  • The page sends any customer who leaves a review a "Thank You" email with a link where they can see their review.
  • The page also sends an email to the business owner (or others in the business if the owner prefers) alerting them that a customer has just left them feedback. For positive feedback, the business can immediately ASK the customer to post to the business's Google page.(It is against Google's Terms of Service to incentivize someone to post a Google review) If the feedback is less than positive you should contact the customer to find out what went wrong and try to fix it for them.

There is a lot of automation working for you behind these pages. At the top of the display page will show the total number of reviews and the average Star-rating, A lot like Google shows on their pages. Reviews are all kept in a database so that they can be displayed in various ways. Background color can be set to suit the business.

Their design allows them to look good on a desktop computer, a tablet or your cellphone. They automatically adjust based on what device a user is using.

Ask your customers "Tell us how we're doing." and give them the link to the page. You'll get this link after you purchase the customer feedback page. Give customers the link in an email, put the link on your website, on invoices or  over the phone when you speak with a customer. That's it! The customer feedback page automatically does everything else for you.

Your customers click a link that you send them to immediately be shown your customized feedback page. NO MEMBERSHIP OR LOGIN REQUIRED! They just click a star to rate your business and type their comments. (or click the microphone and talk their comments on their cellphone) Click Submit. Done! in less than a minute!

  • Get Started for ONLY $99. Half Off on Setup Fee and the first months hosting fee while it lasts - don't wait!!
  • One time Setup Fee(normally $100) Now: $50
  • Hosting and Maintenance Fee for the first Month: $49

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Why you might want a feedback page for your business.

You might want your own feedback page to see how your customers feel about your business BEFORE your send them to your Google My Business page! That way, if they have a complaint issue you can take care of that before your ask them post on Google.

See How a Feedback Page Works

See a working Demo where customers would see a form on which they leave their comments and a rating for the business. HERE

Once you are on the Demo site, just pretend to be a customer and leave your comments. The page will send you an email after you click the SUBMIT button. It will give you a link to the page where your rating and comments will be displayed.

Then see the Demo of where all the feedback/reviews/testimonials would be displayed for other prospective customers to read. HERE

Once you have a feedback page of your own, you just create a short link to it to make it easy to give to your customers in a text, email or over the phone. Something, like or (using your business name) .

Put the link to your customer feedback page on your website, on business cards, invoices, email signatures with enough information so that customers understand that clicking the link will take them to a place where they can leave their feedback/review/testimonial for your business.

Read what your customers say and your business improve and grow.

Remember that ALL customer feedback, both positive and negative help you make your business better.

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